Does Natural Treatment For Low Sperm Motility Really Work?

Author: nixpolking | Posted: 03/08/2013 | Comments: 0

Low sperm motility is one of the most important reasons of male infertility. Sperm motility refers to the power and the stamina of sperm cells to go towards the egg for fertilizing it. The regular sperm motility is 20 (micrometer/sec) or more. You can also say that it is generally 40% or more of the sperm are motile. The situation in which sperm motility is below 40% with substandard sperm velocity, then it is known as oligospermia.

Low sperm motility is generally related with infertility problem that is a familiar lovemaking problem nowadays. Low sperm motility can take place due to some reasons like nutritional issues and medications. Smoking, tension, urological disorders, genetic factors, chemotherapy and obesity are some of the main causes of low sperm motility.

Some of the people are having the question is their mind is that, does natural treatment for low sperm count really work? The answer is yes. Natural treatment is one of the best method to treat low sperm count naturally. Consumption of foods that is fully loaded with zinc is one best way that you can used for the treatment of low sperm motility because low zinc levels in men affect sperm motility, sperm counts and sperm quality. Therefore, to increase zinc level, eat those foods that are rich in zinc. Foods loaded with zinc include red meats, seafood, nut and grains.

Eating of vitamin E supplement is one of the best natural treatment for low sperm motility. Vitamin E helps to protects against free radicals and unbalanced molecules which spoils your sperm cells that cause to low sperm motility.

Eating of foods rich in selenium is another natural treatment to sperm motility. Selenium looks for free radicals that are used by the testes to formulate selenoproteins, which is a very important protein that essential in sperm creation. Eggs, Brazil nuts, seafood’s, brewer’s yeast and garlic are some of the foods that are rich in selenium.

Consuming of foods which are fully loaded with L-carnitine is an effective method to treat low sperm motility naturally. L-carnitine contains an amino acid that is used in the creation of sperm. According to the study, eating of amino acids helps the man to improve sperm motility and sperm quantity. Dairy products and lean cuts of milk are the some of the foods that are rich in L-carnitine. Taking of herbs like ginseng and maca root is one of the best natural treatment for low sperm motility. Both are the best non-toxic herbs that used to improve male fertility from centuries. To improve your sperm motility, you should also avoid alcohol and smoking.

However if you want to get all the important by using natural pills then you can try Spermac capsule. Using of Spermac capsule is one of the best natural treatment for low sperm motility. This natural pill also helps to improve the quality and quantity of sperms. You can use this natural treatment without any fear of side effect. Spermac capsule has various other benefits which are useful for you.

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